Visionary Pet – Keto Dog Food | Low Carb Kibble




SMART DOGS EAT LOW CARB: Dogs should be powered by fat and protein – not carbs. Our low carb dog food has less than 1g net carbohydrate per cup, making it the healthiest dog food on the market! This natural dog food recipe means more energy, less weight gain, and a happier dog!
EASY & CONVENIENT DAILY FEEDING: Our grain free dog food contains everything your dog needs – and nothing they don’t – all with the convenience of a scoop-and-serve dry dog food. Serve right from the bag, or add water to fully release the delectable flavours and aromas of real, grain free beef!
PERFECT NUTRITIONAL PROFILE: Our high protein dog food recipe comes from our experience improving canine health through nutrition research thanks to our non-profit partners, KetoPet. We are obsessed with creating products that provide optimal nutrition for all dogs. Our carb free recipe does NOT include any lips or hooves. We only use 100% real beef – and we never add digestible carbohydrates or fillers of any kind, so you can rest assured that your furry friend is eating the best!


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